Uses Of Carrot

                                        Uses Of Carrot

Uses Of Carrot


Dear friends this time am coming back with another vegetables. Today am sharing with you carrot, radish, sweet potato vegetables. If you want to know about Uses Of Carrot this is the right and correct place for you. Friends if you want to know about which vitamins and which minerals provide radish produced Uses Of Radish is helpful to you.


           Carrot is a vegetable which is Orange colour. The root part of this plant is edible/eaten. It is crunchy, tasty and highly delicious and nutrients enriched food. The carrots are easy to grow as they are planted in loose, sandy soil condition. It is easy to grow carrots as they don't take too long mature. 

Uses Of Carrot:-

 1) Eating daily a single carrot may give you good health.

 2) Carrots contain a along with Vitamin C, that will boost your immune system.

 3) They are good source of Beta Carotene and also contains Vitamin A, which improve your vision, it is good for diabetic patients too.

 4)  It can lower the cholesterol levels and weight loss friendly food and good for cancer.

 5) Carrots provide Your hair with vital Vitamins.

 6) Increased Metabolism

 7) Reduced Cancer Risk.

 8) Drink carrot juice daily to keep your body and skin health, beautifully.


  Carrot contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K.

  Carrot contain antioxidants.

 The main nutrition present in carrot is beta carotene which is converted to (Vitamin A ) provide good vision, immune system.






      Radish is a vegetable which is generally white colour with many health benefits. The root part of this plant is edible. Mostly radishes are grown in winter season. Radish is the one of the healty vegetable. Radish is provided which vitamins and which minerals that information given in below lines.

Uses Of Radish:

01) Radish helps you to prevent cell damage caused by ageing, an unhealthy lifestyle and toxins.

02) It supports healthy skin and blood vessels.

03) Radish is used to prevent damage of Kidney functioning.

04) Radish controls blood pressure.

05) Radish increases your Immune system.

06) In this radish you will get lot of Vitamins that vitamins mentioned in below.


               Vitamin A

               Vitamin C

               Vitamin E

               Vitamin K 

                Vitamin B6


                 Fiber, Zink

                 potassium, Iron

                 Calcium, Copper



           These also all are helps in keep your body good and healthy condition.   

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