Uses Of Banana

                                         Uses Of Banana                                                                       

Uses Of Banana


   My dear friends if you want to know full information about Uses Banana and their benefits this page helpful and useful for you. Guys in this page we are sharing with you uses of banana trees and which places their grow. Banana Benefits For Skin this banana useful also to our skin. Below we are sharing you total information about Banana tree.


Banana is a type of fruit.It is yellow in colour and very sweet.It is very healthy.It is rich in various vitamins ,mineralsand other ingredients.Bananas give you instant energy.It helps grow strong bones.Banana is very soft and does not have any hard substance Banana is taken by arabic and called as BANAN.There are around 110 types of bananas.In Botany banana is called as Musa Acuminate.Bananas are cultivated in more than 170 countries.

UsesOf Banana

*Bananas are known to reduce swelling.
*Protect against developing Type 2 diabetes.
*Aid in weight loss.
*Strengthen the nervous system.
*Bananas are mostly eaten by sportsman for boosting their energy.
*Bananas are also taken as juices.
*The Ash of banana is also used in making of soups.
*Banana is called as super food because it easily digest.
*Banana is also eaten as chips , fruit salad,jam
*The peel of banana inside it the substance can be used when mosquito bites it reduces the pain and swelling.
*Banana flower is also used in kerala in making curry.

*High in many nutrients including protein and fat in very little content.

VITAMINS- Vitamin B6
                      Vitamin B12
Minerals-      Mangenism

RAW BANANA [Aratikaya]

Green banana are a power house of vitamins and minerals.Raw bananas have low sugar content.They require cooking and are used when green or under ripe.They are a staple food in tropical regions of the world and are used in various ways like steamed ,fried etc.

Uses Of RAW Banana

*Raw banana are rich in fiber.
*Help in easing digestion process.
*Helps in keeping constipation at bay.
*Helpful in keeping blood sugar levels under control.

                      Vitamin B6
MINERALS- Potassium

In 100 grams of banana

                               WATER     -        74.91grms

                              ENERGY   -        89 kilo calories

                              PROTEIN  -           1.09 grams

                               FIBER       -          2.6 grams

                              CALCIUM   -         5mg

                              IRON       -            0.26mg

                             MAGNESIUM   -     27mg

                           VITAMIN B1   -    0.031mg

                             VITAMIN B2  -   0.073mg

                             VITAMIN B6  -     0.367mg


*Banana tree is very much taller and their leaves are very board.
*Banana leaves are also used as the plates while eating time.
*Mostly these leaves are used in functions for eating purpose.
*In general if one banana plant is kept ,around it many banana plants or trees are grown.
*In banana tree the fruits and stem are more useful.
*Banana leaves are also used as packing covers .

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