Uses Of Neem Tree

                                      Uses Of Neem Tree   

        uses of neem tree            


     Friends today am sharing with you one more new update information that is Uses Of Neem Tree in this page you will get Uses Of Neem Leaves  and their benefits. If you want to know about full information of Neem Medicinal Uses this helpful to you. I hope this page is useful to get a better information of disadvantages of neem tree and Benefits of Neem Tree, if you give me any suggestion please mention on the below comment section.

Information Of Neem Tree

         Neem is a 2000+ years of traditional ussage of people and also for medicines especially in the south Asian medicine. Neem usually when we hear the name of neem or neem tree leaves e.t.c. we know that it is a bitter. But the bitter is so useful to our body and also for many types of curies of diseases all the tree from top to bottom of the parts are used. Mostly the Indian people treats neem leaves as a cure medicine for the Chicken pox. mainly before the festival of Ugadi the Indian people uses the flowers in the pickle of Ugadi festival. It usually grows 15 to 20 meters height or any other depends on the soil also.

The scientific name of the neem is "Azadirachta Indica"

          Azad means Free

          Diracht means Tree

It comes from Mahogany family meliaceae.

Uses Of Neem Tree

   The people usually use the neem stcick as a toothbrush. It cames from many years of the century. It clears the bacteria and gives good smell to our mouth. The mainly Uses of Neem Leaves this is the most important thing in neem tree the leaves are un season seen around the year. With the leaves the soaps, handwashes, face washes are prepaired and for killing the mosquitoes. With the seeds of neem tree, the oil is prepared Neem Oil Benefits For Hair by the oil we can cure a problems like dandruff, bodypains e,t.c.

      The neem fruits are season bases with the fruits the cold oil for curing the astma is good. And the fruits are used in fertilizers for the crops. Flowers also season based many benefits are there becauase of flowers. Some people eat the flowers and growing small leaves for curing the stomach problems. They usually take the flowers with empty stomach after wake up.

Neem Medicinal Uses

   Immune system

   Viral diseases

   Skin disorders

   Stomach ulcers



   Eye disorders

   Bloody nose

     mainly in Ayurveda leaves are used in every medicine. it also contains Vitamin C and also have to improve the body system.

 Disadvantages of Neem Tree

     The names which is very useful to also have some side effects. like pregnency women should not use or take a neem daily. They can taken once in a week or it should be avoid until the birth is given. Because the baby inside the womb feels bitter while consuming. So it is harmful. And after giving the birth also we should avoid because the milk itself consumes a little bitter and it does not have taste and the baby feels bitter and baby avoids to take milk.

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